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しかし、他人に対して自分らしくオープンになるということは、そう簡単なことではないでしょう。否定されたらどうしよう、失敗してバカにされたらどうしよう、やっぱり自分の意見は隠してみんなに合わせようかな、などという考えが浮かぶのはごく当たり前のことです。誰もが日々感じている気持ちでしょう。そこで私たちTEDxICUは、自分らしくオープンであるという概念を言葉にどう表すべきかと考えたとき、Openという「私」を主軸とした価値観ではなく、Embracingという「他者」に重きを置いた、より ”TEDxICUらしい” Visionを三つの軸の一つとしました。





At TEDxICU, we aim to remain a place where people can be themselves and be open to all. Some are good at Japanese, some at English, some are good at verbalization, and some take time to put their thoughts into words. Some are good at coordinating their opinions, while some are good at balancing their time schedule with other club activities. Just as everyone else in this world, every single member of TEDxICU has different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. We have been able to represent ourselves just as we are, including our flaws while recognizing each other's diversity in TEDxICU. This has led us to bring colorful ideas and thoughts. During times of conflict, we are always ready to openly accept and respect the opinions of others.


However, being open to others in our own way is not so easy, is it? It is quite natural to have conflicting thoughts such as  "What if they deny me," "What if they make fun of me for making a mistake," or "I should hide my opinion and go along with everyone else.” However, we believe that it is important to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else. That is why we put an emphasis on not just "accepting", but actively respecting and nurturing each other's individuality through the word "embracing". 


The word "Embracing" is often used to mean "to physically embrace each other”. However, “embracing” in this context is not only about physically expressing love, but also about respecting space and having an active approach to sharing an accepting heart that embraces even the weaknesses of others. Through embracing, the warmth of love is felt, even if it is not visible. We hope that everyone involved in TEDxICU will be able to be themselves and be open. We hope everyone involved in TEDxICU will be able to share their opinions without any embellishment or hesitation; that it will be a place where all individuals are able to share their excitement and become a part of an irreplaceable community.


We at TEDxICU embody the values of “embracing” and remain an organization that embraces the fragility of each person. 

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