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Continuous Dialogue

“Continuous Dialogue” is exactly what it means: our dialogue is always continuous. This is the unique value of TEDxICU. First of all, we cherish the process of discussing even the smallest questions. In the process of creating the event, when we face difficulties, we repeat the process of having a “continuous dialogue” such that everyone's opinion is heard. Sometimes, a decision on a single agenda item can take a lot of time. At first glance, this may seem inefficient, but we believe that the conclusions reached through this process of "continuous dialogue" are acceptable by each and every one of us, and we are confident in our ability to carry them out as a team.


It is not only our members who carry out “continuous dialogue.” The importance of "continuous dialogue" is also demonstrated by our audiences, which are the very heart of this event. Listening to the speeches and being exposed to new ideas will first create a dialogue with your own thoughts and struggles. And even after the speeches are over, we hope participants share that dialogue with many people beyond the framework of TEDxICU. The thoughts in your mind are infinite. The ideas you share with others and yourself will become your own.


We believe that in this chaotic world of countless unanswered questions, it is important to be in a constant state of thought and dialogue. We, embodying Continuous dialogue through our daily activities, will have us try our best to offer this experience to many people.

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