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TEDxICU 2021 theme


The word "Untroubled" may initially seem to carry a positive connotation, but in reality, it means being indifferent and ignorant about anything. It's common to want to avoid getting entangled in any sort of trouble and conflict when faced with it.

TEDxICU, however, takes the "Un" part away and focuses on "Trouble." This means confronting perplexity, doubts, and the ambiguities within ourselves head-on. We believe that by doing so, we can attain new insights and learning.


Throughout this year's event, we hope that more people can move beyond an untroubled state and engage with various ideas and realizations. We aspire for the learning gained here to contribute to both your individual lives and society at large.


​Murata Shinjiro


Keiji Fujimoto

Celebrate who you are

Tsubasa Hattori


 Elizabeth Katherine Gamarra

Does pain have to be painful?

Noor Ul Huda Mallick

The Shortcut to Achieving Your True Goals

2021 Partners &  Interviews

 These are the companies that have supported our activities this year.

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  • Please click here to visit the page of our partners who sponsored TEDx ICU before FY2021. 

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