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Partner interview #1

TEDxICU aims to create three distinct spaces through its TEDx events: a platform for expressing ideas, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for taking new actions. To achieve this, we are grateful for the generous support of numerous corporate sponsors.

In this context, we are pleased to present an interview with Mr. Tamba, Senior Consultant at Owls Consulting Group, the Premium Sponsor of TEDxICU.


Owls Consulting Group 

Senior Consultant

​Tanba Komomo

TEDxICUsponsor team







Mr. Tanba, please tell us briefly about yourself and your memories of your school days.

My name is Komomo Tamba. I graduated from ICU in the spring of 2017 with ID17 April. When I was a student, I studied in Development Studies Major/Gender Minor. I entered ICU because I wanted to work in international cooperation in the future.

However, the more I learned in university classes, the more I began to feel uneasy about the problems of inequality and poverty in developing countries that could not be solved by volunteers and development assistance alone. When I thought about why social issues such as economic disparities and competition for resources arise in the first place, I wondered, "Is expanding economic globalization really the right thing to do?" I wanted to study the relationship between global business, human rights, and the environment in a specialized way, so after graduating from ICU, I entered a graduate school in England. After that, I wanted to solve social issues from the business side, so I entered the consulting industry.
When I was a student, I started a fair trade organization called ICU ELABEL and worked on product development, and interned at an international fair trade certification body, an international cooperation NGO, and an ethical fashion press. Also, I did samba at ICU LAMBS and experienced dormitory life for 4 years in the former dormitory No. 3 Women's Dormitory.


Original goods for the ICU alumni association, Mr. Tamba

I saw the tote bag that was developed as a product!

That's right! At that time, in order to support the dreams of students

“Dream ・

Competition" is held every year.

I participated in it with my friends and received a gold prize and prize money.

I developed the product. Product development and sales

A fair trade organization called ICU ELABEL also has friends

assembled and set up.




It's a very nice product with a lot of thought!
Now, I would like to ask about Owls Consulting Group. Please tell us what you are doing as your main business again.

We are a business consulting company, but I would like to talk about what kind of consulting we are doing specifically.
In the international community, corporate values are changing. It is clear that the strengths of Japanese companies in the past, such as quality, cost, and speed of delivery, are no longer sufficient. We believe that it is necessary to define a company's "value" with new measures such as solving social issues.
To that end, we will solve social issues by collaborating not only with companies but also with governments, academic institutions, and the social sector such as NPOs and NGOs, while realizing the economic rationality of our business. A company that provides consulting services.
Our members have career experience in business companies, government agencies, strategy consulting firms, etc., as well as representatives, and at the same time, they have served as secretary generals, advisors, and directors in NPO/NGO organizations, focusing on the tri-sector of business, public, and social. is placed.
Our consulting business covers a wide range of fields, but typical examples include support for "management strategy/business strategy" and support for "rule formation strategy" (product/service international standards and standardization). In addition, we are also developing support for our “sustainability strategy,” which is one of our strengths. We support SDGs and ESG management through the formulation of medium- to long-term sustainability strategies, materiality analysis (identification of important (social) issues for individual companies), and implementation of human rights due diligence. In addition, we are working on pro bono activities such as management support for NPOs and NGOs, as well as "social impact" to help with corporate collaboration. We also hold lectures and training for companies by utilizing the skills of members with various talents such as experience in government agencies, consulting, and the social sector.


As a feature of our company, first of all, all employees are from a strategy consulting firm. In addition, each member has a global network in various fields, and many members are particularly well-versed in the fields of human rights and sustainability. As I mentioned earlier, some of our members hold titles in NPOs and NGOs, so we have strong ties to the social sector. Regarding policy and rule formation, many of our members are from government agencies, and we are an organization that can quickly catch industry and market trends and provide prompt advice to clients. 
In addition, our network includes many collaborations with educational and research institutes, in addition to government agencies and the social sector.







thank you! Next, please tell us about the philosophy and values of the Owls Consulting Group.


The key message is "A partner for all organizations moving forward with a mission." In consulting, I think that the role of consulting is to think about problems together and sometimes lead the client in order to solve the problems faced by the client and society. Of course, it is basic to grasp the problem structurally and give advice from a bird's-eye view, but at our company, I feel that it is important to work together with the client, rather than just giving advice to the client to solve the problem. That's why we try to put ourselves in NPOs and NGOs and hold positions in government organizations so that we can work proactively to achieve our goals.
We also emphasize sustainability in solving social issues. While there are people in the social and public sectors, such as NGOs and NPOs, who are striving to solve problems without seeking business profits, business companies that are our clients cannot achieve sustainability without securing economic efficiency. We place great importance on the keywords of "economic rationality" and "solving social issues."

Thank you. I got the impression that Mr. Owls is actively playing the role of connecting companies and the social sector.
Mr. Tanba, what is the appeal of the Owls Consulting Group?


Not only do each of us have skills and talents, but we also work with passion. It is also a company that gathers people who have values that they can sympathize with from the bottom of their hearts. Fundamentally, we should utilize each knowledge and network to solve problems. There are many people who sincerely want to improve society. I think it's wonderful to have a corporate culture where we can frankly discuss what we think should be changed and what we think is wrong.
You may be able to see such scenes in the ICU as well. However, once you put yourself in an organization called a "company", the relationship will be cut off due to differences in expertise and fields, and there will be positions such as hierarchical relationships. I think I am very blessed to be able to have constructive discussions, such as "How should I change it specifically?"
Also, I feel that I am able to work with a sense of satisfaction because each employee can talk about "why I work at Owls" with an answer.

ICU may be an easy world to live in, but I think it can be difficult to live outside. Once again, I thought it would be nice to be able to work with wonderful members who can share values in the outside world (laughs).

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Owls Consulting Group is a professional firm that specializes in strategic consulting, leveraging its extensive experience in the field and networks with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations. The company focuses on addressing social issues, including rule formation in the public and private sectors, as well as human rights and sustainability.

Click here for more information about Owls Consulting Group

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