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TEDxICU Events

TEDxICU operates under the principle of "Ideas worth spreading" and organizes primarily two types of events:

The main annual event, where speakers are invited from both inside and outside the university.

Salon events, focusing mainly on discussions.

For both types of events, TEDxICU establishes a theme. This theme is chosen based on what the organizing members feel is relevant and necessary for that year, incorporating their diverse backgrounds. This theme, along with the sentiments embedded in the speeches, reflects the intentions we have for the event. We hope to convey these intentions to our audience as we hold the event.

Main Event

The main event is held annually in January, with approximately a year-long preparation period. Starting from speaker selection to fundraising for operations, and most importantly, inviting the audience to attend, we dedicate time to meticulously shape the event. Combining each individual's expertise, we work together to create the event space, weaving together various elements over time.

Salon Event

The salon events, though smaller in scale compared to the main event, are characterized by their focus on dialogue. While the content varies from session to session, participants engage in sharing their thoughts and reflections while watching pre-recorded videos. These events provide ample opportunities for attendees to interact with one another, fostering a sense of community.

Pictures coming soon...

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