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TEDxICU is a place full of new discoveries and experiences that will literally "open your eyes”. You will not only be inspired by the speeches and performances, but also through the interaction with everyone involved, including the audience and organizers. We offer an eye-opening experience by meeting with speakers and participants that you would not normally encounter in your daily life. From the TED talks, you will also be able to view matters from a field that you have never been exposed to or from a point of view you have never held. There may be new findings when you coincide the speech’s slight comments or episodes with your own thoughts. 


Also, since the speakers and the members are able to talk openly with an embracing mind, we are able to encounter a wide variety of new opinions that we have never heard of before. From our regular weekly meetings to the speakers’ speech improvement meetings; since there are so many opportunities to exchange opinions, we encounter those “eye-opening” moments at every step of the process.  

The word “Eye-opening” includes the meaning that each person can continue to influence each others by transmitting ideas mutually. There is never a one-way arrow between the influencer and the influenced. It will bring a positive effect when knowing ideas and opposing views that you didn’t have. We at TEDxICU aim to sow the seeds that trigger an "eye-opening" experience for all who are involved. It is all up to each person what color, size, and strength of that seed will be as it reaches one’s heart and create any kind of growth or change. This kind of diversity leads to the next eye-opening moment.

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