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This event has 5 guests speakers.

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Elizabeth Katherine Gamarra 

A Graducate student of ICU

We’ve all had our dark moments before. Elizabeth had it too- a pitch dark moment in her life when she was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a condition that severely curves the spine. Fortunately, she was cured. However, it wasn’t just modern medication that recovered her. In this event, Elizabeth will talk about what helped her to ‘graduate’ the troubled times she had that led her to the bright life she has now. 


Elizabeth is a graduate student of ICU. At the record age of 19, she completed her graduate-level studies. Ever since, she has been engaged in numerous fields of her interests.  She currently works at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency to support the gender campaign in policies relevant to nuclear energy.


"Overcoming Pain: Marrying Peruvian Symbolism with Japanese Expression"




What kind of person would you picture when you hear someone who has scored consistently low on exams, who has had an experience of being unemployed for over a year? To your surprise, a person illustrated here is Mr. Murata, the current general director of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Japan. By believing in his capabilities, he was able to move on from his past to make great contributions to the goodness of people and international medical cooperation. In this event, Mr. Murata will introduce how we can achieve the future we envision. 

Mr. Murata entered a foreign affiliated IT company after graduating from university. He then joined MSF in 2005. In 2020, he became the first Japanese general director of MSF Japan. 

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服部 翼



What is your initial reaction when you hear the word, ‘Feminism’? For some people, it may make them feel courageous. For others, it may somehow make them feel uneasy. In this event, Tsubasa will talk about the reason behind this feeling of uneasiness, as well as his thoughts on gender issues from the eyes of a man. 

ICU学部2年生の服部さんは、ジェンダー問題の啓発活動をする一般社団法人「Voice Up Japan」ICU支部の共同代表を務めています。Voice Up Japanでの活動が認められ、最近では複数紙からインタビューを受けています。
Tsubasa is a sophomore at ICU who works as a co-representative for Voice Up Japan ICU. His work on gender issues has been positively reviewed, and has received interviews by several newspapers.


Noor ul huda Mallick

A graduate student of ICU

We make more decisions as we grow older. The problem is that making decisions can be extremely stressful. It is even more so when you fear that the decision you make may lead you to a troubled road. Noor has hacked this problem from an early age. Because of that, she has succeeded in accomplishing the goals that she had set out for her despite a disadvantaged upbringing. In this event, she is going to share with us her trick to intelligent goal setting and the value of staying true to your intentions.


Noor is a graduate student of ICU. She has a unique experience of having worked in a field of psychology to then switching to work for the Pakistani government as a revenue officer.


“The Shortcut to Achieving Your True Goals”




Mr.Fujimoto had a hard time opening up to others after losing his sight at the age of 16, which may be a surprise to those who know his friendly personality today. It was his encounter with a teacher in the school for blind, as well as a boy he met while studying abroad that triggered a change in him. He then became who he is now as he taught his students for over 20 years at a highschool in Kobe. In this event, Mr. Fujimoto will talk about the importance of acceptance. 


In 1986, Mr. Fujimoto passed the teacher recruitment test through the Braille exam. Today, he teaches English at a highschool in Kobe. His students have won many debate and speech contests with his guidance. 

"Celebrate Who You Are"
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