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Partner’s Introduction

TEDxICU2022 embraces the theme of "Bloom," aiming to create an event where individual dreams and personalities blossom, ultimately flourishing together. To achieve this, we've received generous support from numerous companies, including TAKTOPIA & Co.

In this regard, we are pleased to share a message of encouragement received from TAKTOPIA & Co.



TAKTOPIA & Co. is a learning design firm with a mission to serve as a launchpad for global leaders. We believe that the question of "how to live well" in this era aligns with the question of "how to learn well." Through this TEDxICU event, we hope to enrich the learning experiences of each participant in their own unique world.



TAKTOPIA & Co. is an educational institution with a mission to serve as a launching pad for "glocal" leaders. Focusing on the USA, UK, Australia, and Southeast Asia, we develop and operate overseas training programs and domestic camp activities, aiming to transform young individuals into "adventurers who carve their own path in life." Our offerings also include practical language proficiency programs.

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2022 sponsors

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