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Peatix Japan

Partner’s Introduction

TEDxICU2022 has chosen "Bloom" as its theme, aiming to create an event where each individual's dreams and uniqueness flourish, resulting in a collective and vibrant display. To achieve this, we are fortunate to have the support of numerous corporate sponsors.

This time, we are pleased to share a message of encouragement from Peatix Japan.



It is truly inspiring to see ICU students taking on the challenge of organizing a significant event like TEDx. As a partner, we are committed to providing our wholehearted support. We are also looking forward to the diverse talks from culturally rich speakers, which promise to be an exciting addition to the event.


​Peatix Japan

Peatix provides an event and community management service that can be utilized in various settings, from volunteer-led events to large-scale festivals. Founded in 2011, Peatix currently boasts a membership of 8.4 million users and features over 10,000 events at any given time. With a monthly attendance of over 480,000 people, the company is in a constant state of growth. Peatix is widely supported by users in 27 countries, including Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

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2022 sponsors

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